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Eco Pass Employer

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority and Commuter Resource RI (CRRI) have developed an annual electronic smart card for use on RIPTA buses, trolleys, flex routes and all future public -transportation services in RI.

RIPTA’s ECO-PASS burst on the transit scene in 2009 and is currently used by many employers such as: Nortek, Blue Cross, the City of Providence, Edwards & Angell LLP, Hinckley, Allen & Snyder, to name a few.

ECO-PASS has simplified a way for employers to offer employees a transportation benefit that can also positively affect the bottom line.


  • Reduce demand for employer provided parking
  • Reduce costs associated with providing leased parking
  • Allow flexibility to convert employee provided parking into customer parking
  • Fulfill corporate “Green” initiatives
  • Reduce payroll taxes via pre-tax transit benefit
  • Allows for compliance with state law 37-5-7.1

And more! It is also easy to implement and to monitor.

ECO-PASS Implementation in three steps:


STEP I: Deciding to subsidize fully, in part, or not at all. It’s up to you!

Subsidizing EcoPass is not only an investment in your employees; it is an investment in the environment, the community, and the future of transportation in Rhode Island. CRRI can help you predict participation and projected costs through employee surveys and analysis. And since EcoPass is an *annual agreement there is little worry in the amount of subsidy you choose as it can be flexible from year to year.

STEP II: Determining your rate

Monthly billing is established two ways: on a per employee/per ride rate; or at a flat rate per employee. CRRI can help you determine which way is applicable depending on company size, subsidy, and projected usage. CRRI works closely with corporate clients to streamline the coordination of pre-tax deductions, corporate subsidy, employee contribution, third party administrators, monthly billing and distribution of EcoPass.

STEP III: Begin enrolling

A CRRI associate will serve as liaison in every phase of implementation and to ensure smooth operation thereafter. That means assistance in on-site promotions, one-on-one transit trip planning, surveying, billing and monthly ridership support is just a phone call away.

*The EcoPass program is a transportation agreement between RIPTA and the employer that can be rescinded within 60 days at any time by either party (draft copies of the contract are available for review upon request).

Tap N’ Go Technology

  1. Smart Cards are provided free of charge
  2. Can be activated and deactivated at any time
  3. Electronically calculates ridership info for accurate billing and reporting
  4. Allows for easy and fast boarding

Eco Pass Corporate Brochure