Flex Service

Flex Service is a program designed to help serve the unmet mobility needs of communities across Rhode Island. Flex Service, which is short for Flexible Service, offers passengers the option of calling a ride or picking up the Flex Vehicle at one of its regularly scheduled Flex Stops. The Flex Vehicle, typically a 16 passenger vehicle with space for two wheelchairs, travels within a geographically-limited zone known as a Flex Zone. Each Flex Zone represents a suburban or rural area that has little or no fixed-route bus service. The Flex Vehicle travels within the Flex Zone, picking up and dropping passengers off within the zone and connecting them to fixed-route bus service for travel outside the zone.

To use Flex Service, passengers either make a reservation 48 hours in advance by calling the toll-free FlexLine at 1-877-906-FLEX (3539) or 401-784-9500 ext. 220 or pick up the Flex Vehicle at any of the scheduled Flex Stops within the Flex Zone. Flex Service operates Monday through Friday. The fare structure for Flex is the same as RIPTA's regular bus service.

Flex Service expands the menu of mobility options for state residents, providing them with convenient, affordable transportation within their communities and an opportunity to make seamless connections to other locations in the State.