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“Beat Traffic, Try Transit” will run now through Friday, June 27, 2014!

TRY TRANSIT is a collaborative effort of the RI Department of Transportation (RIDOT) and the RI Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) to ease seasonal traffic by offering reduced rates on two transit options for you to consider to make getting to work or shopping in downtown providence faster, safer and less expensive.

Choose to park your car at any of the selected park and ride lots around the state and take the bus for just two-dollars round trip. That’s a terrific savings on the regular price of a one-day bus pass.  To get the special pass, ask your driver for one when you board the bus in the morning. Whether you choose to take the bus or the train, paying only a few dollars for a faster, smoother commute feels great.

Option #1: RIPTA Park n’ Ride service (Monday through Friday ONLY)

We have expanded the list of select park and ride lots so now even more commuters can take advantage of this special money saving offer.Click the Park n’ Ride map link here  to view the designated lots nearest you.

 Participating Park and Ride Locations

  • NEW TRIP! Slatersville Plaza (Brigido’s Market)
  • NEW TRIP! Branch Village
  • #60 Barrington White Church
  • #60 Police Cove
  • #60 Newport Gateway (need to show parking receipt)
  • #60 Portsmouth Boyds Lane
  • #60 Warren Franklin and Main St.
  • #34 East Providence Taunton Ave.
  • #9 Smithfield (Rte 44) RiteAid lot
  • #10X  Scituate Chopmist Hill
  • #21 Cranston (Midway Ave/Garden City)
  • #66 East Greenwich (Route 2 and 4)
  • #14 East Greenwich (First and Main)
  • #95X Hopkinton (Exit 1)
  • #54 Lincoln Mall
  • #66 North Kingstown (Route 2 and 102/Fiddlesticks)
  • #14 North Kingstown (Route 138 and 1A)
  • #95X  Richmond (Exit 3)
  • #66 South Kingstown (at Tower Hill)
  • #66  South Kingstown (at Wakefield Mall)
  • #90A Warwick (Route 117)
  • #8 Warwick (Greenwood Community Church)
  • #95X West Greenwich (Exit 7)
  • #66  West Kingston (Route 2 and 138)
  • #90A West Warwick (Arctic/Crompton)
  • #95X Westerly Train Station
  • #54 Woonsocket Park Square

Choose a lot, and now through the end of 2013 feel free to park your car there on any weekday. When you get on the bus ask the driver for a “Beat Traffic One Day” pass.  Insert *two dollars in the cash slot on the farebox and he/she will issue you a Beat Traffic One Day pass.   This special One Day pass allows you to take the express bus in the morning to Providence and will be your ticket for any bus back to your car in the evening, including local service buses if available.

Option #2: Free parking at Wickford Junction and T.F. Green train stations (Monday through Friday ONLY)

From now through the end of 2013, passenger rail commuters can park their vehicle at either Wick ford Junction or T.F. Green in-door parking facilities for free on any weekday and take the MBTA commuter rail to work or school (MBTA fare not included). Simply drive into the parking garage and pull a ticket to get in. In the evening, use the same ticket to exit the garage…it’s that easy! (**restrictions apply)

So join the movement! “TRY TRANSIT, BEAT TRAFFIC!”

Commuter Resource RI is committed to reducing single occupancy vehicle travel on our roadways by offering money saving commute options that have positive impacts on our quality of life in Rhode Island. Please visit our home page if you have any questions on “Try Transit, Beat Traffic!” or call 401-784-9500 ext 126.  Please click here to sign-up for our newsletter for up to date transit information.