Commuter Resource RI


Eco Pass Employee
RIPTA is introducing a new program called Eco-Pass for employers who are interested in -offering their employees a reduced cost transit benefit. The Eco‑Pass is an annual unlimited ride pass. Click here for more information.

Eco Pass Employer
ECO-PASS has simplified a way for employers to offer employees a -transportation benefit that can also positively affect the bottom line. Click here for more information.

Funded by participating colleges and universities, the University Pass Program (UPASS), which RIPTA first introduced in 2001, allows students at participating schools to get free or reduced fare transit. Students who ride free do so by showing their student ID. Students eligible for reduced fares can purchase fare products right on campus. Click here for more information.

Parking Cash Out
State law 37-5-7.1 requires certain employers who provide subsidized parking for their employees to offer a FREE RIPTA transit pass in lieu of a parking space. 

This law is called the parking cash-out program. The intent of the law is to reduce vehicle commute trips and emissions by offering employees the option of "cashing out" their subsidized parking spaces and taking transit to work for free. Click here for more information.

Pre Tax Benefits
The federal tax code allows tax-free -transportation fringe benefits of up to $115 per month per employee for transit expenses. Click here for more information.

Park & Ride
Park & Rides are strategically located parking lots, either privately or state owned, that are free of charge to anyone who parks a vehicle and commutes by transit or in a carpool. All vehicles are parked at the owner's risk. Click here for more information.