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Smarter than driving alone. Better than a typical carpool. Vanpool. It’s not what you think

RIPTA has partnered with Commute with Enterprise and is now offering a $100 per person monthly subsidy to vanpool participants in Rhode Island!

So, what is a vanpool?

  • A vanpool consists of a group of commuters who work similar hours and who travel similar routes. For example, it could be eight people who all live in western Cranston and work in businesses at Quonset Business Park. The participants sign up to lease a comfortable, late-model van or SUV provided by Commute with Enterprise.
  • The participants decide if they will have a primary driver or rotate driving responsibilities. They also decide the daily route and the times that the van arrives at and leaves work. The participants decide on all stop locations, so they can meet at a designated location, such as a Park N’ Ride lot, or be picked up from their homes. The van can be parked overnight at the driver’s home or any other designated location approved by Enterprise.
  • Check out this video to learn more about how Commute with Enterprise vanpools work.

What are some of the advantages?

  • Vanpools save participants money and wear and tear on their vehicles. It is estimated that vanpools can save commuters up to $6,000 a year in gas money, insurance costs and more. 
  • Vanpools offer comfort and camaraderie, and give passengers the chance to relax, read or do work on their commute.
  • Vanpools are perfect for locations that do not have robust public transit service.
  • Commute with Enterprise leases include collision and liability insurance and all regular vehicle maintenance.

Why is RIPTA Offering a Subsidy?

Some of the federal funding that RIPTA and most other transit authorities receive is designated to help reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road. RIPTA is using some of those funds to provide the subsidy and help introduce more Rhode Islanders to the benefits of vanpooling!

Is There Any Fine Print?

To qualify for the RIPTA vanpool subsidy, either the origin or destination of the commute must be in Rhode Island. Also, each vanpool is required to log miles traveled so RIPTA can comply with its national data reporting requirements. (Enterprise will provide forms for this, so it’s easy to do.)

Interested? You can reach our team at 401-784-9575 or at

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