RIde Paratransit Program

RIde Program

The RIde Program is for people with disabilities that prevent the use of fixed-route buses, RIPTA offers paratransit service through the RIde Program, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  ADA Paratransit provides door to door service and requires advance reservations. 

ADA Service 

Paratransit service provided under ADA is available for an individual whose disability either prevents independent use of the fixed route system or prevents travel to or from bus stops. Under federal regulations, ADA Paratransit Service must operate within a 3/4-mile corridor on either side of a fixed route. ADA service operates during the same hours that the fixed route bus runs. All ADA trips must start and end in the corridor.

During the RIde Anywhere pilot period scheduled to end on December 31, 2024, qualified RIde customers may request trips outside the current paratransit service area.

Accessibility Overview
Accessible Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC)
ADA Users Guide

ADA Application

ADA Service Area Map

This is an interactive web map showing RIPTA’s paratransit service area. The legend on the bottom right can be used to toggle maps on and off for weekday, Saturday, and Sunday service areas. Use the search function in the top right corner to find out if your address or your destination falls within the service area.

This map does not account for different spans of service on different routes throughout each day. For the most accurate trip planning, or if you have difficulty using this map, please call RIPTA Paratransit for assistance at (401) 461-9760.

How to Schedule Trips

Trip Scheduling

ADA trips can be scheduled for any purpose as late as the day before you want to travel.  Standing Orders, which are trips that occur on a daily or weekly basis such as trips to work or school, may be scheduled once.

Reserving Your Ride

To make a reservation, call (401) 461-9760 between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday. Reservations may be placed on Sunday by leaving a detailed voicemail message between 8:30am and 4:30pm. The Ride office is closed on RIPTA recognized holidays.

In order to make a reservation, you should have the following information:

  • The date you want to travel.
  • Your starting address – where you want to get on or board the van.  Please have the exact street address including zip code.
  • Your destination address – where you want to get off the van.  Please have the exact street address including zip code.
  • The time you need to arrive at your destination and the time you need to return.

RIde is a shared ride service so your trip time may not be scheduled at the exact time you request. A RIde Customer Service Agent will work with you to find a time that works.  You may need to call back later to find out the time your trip is scheduled.

Same Day Rides

Sorry, we are not able to provide same day rides.  All rides must be reserved in advance.

 Getting Ready

The RIde Customer Service Agent will give you a scheduled pick-up window. This is not an exact pick-up time.  You must be ready to be picked up at any time within the scheduled window. Please do not call the office to check on your ride during this 20-minute period.  All of our vans display the RIde logo.  Sometimes RIde trips are served by taxicabs. Watch for the van or cab and please be ready to go and be visible to the driver.

Driver Wait Time

To avoid delaying other passengers, drivers can only wait 5 minutes for you.  Please be ready to leave when your driver arrives.

For RIde Information call:
(401) 461-9760

More Things You Need to Know About Using RIde

Shared Ride  

RIde is a public transportation service.  While taxis may serve some trips under certain circumstances, RIde vans provide most trips and other passengers are likely to be on board during your trip.  Your scheduled pick-up times or travel route may be altered so that another passenger can be accommodated. The van may stop and pick up other riders as it travels to your destination.  Shared rides lower the cost of paratransit service.  RIde schedulers may ask you to accept trip reservation times that are different from your original requested pick-up time, and your reservation time may be changed so that more passengers may be served.


Some RIde trips are served by taxicabs when the need arises.  The same fares apply to RIde trips served by cabs.  Cabs cannot be requested.


You must notify us of your cancellation as soon as possible and at least two hours before your scheduled pick-up time so that our vans will be free to pick up other passengers. 

Cancellations not made in this way will be treated as “no-shows”.  RIde reserves the right to suspend service for a reasonable period of time for riders who exhibit a pattern or practice of missing trips.


Traffic, weather, or other delays may sometimes result in a late pick-up that is unavoidable.  Please wait until the end of the 20-minute window before calling us to ask about your ride.  We will make every effort to pick you up on time.

Passenger Assistance

All RIde service is door-to-door, as needed.  Drivers are trained to assist you and are sensitive to your needs.  However, drivers do not enter homes and do not go beyond the main lobby of a building.  Drivers are also not allowed to lift passengers or mobility devices up and down stairs.  Passengers must make other arrangements for assistance in these cases.  Drivers also are not allowed to carry grocery bags or other packages.


For your safety and the safety of others, you must use a seatbelt at all times.  If you need assistance, please ask your driver.  If you use a wheelchair or other mobility device, your driver will secure the device using a four-point system and you must use a lap and shoulder belt in addition to any belts you may have on your mobility device.  In the event of an emergency, follow the directions of your driver.

Snow and Ice

If there is a winter storm or other emergency, please watch for media announcements regarding RIde Service.  Be sure that your entryway and walkways are clear of ice and snow.  This will make it safer for our vehicles and drivers to get to you. Severe Weather Policy.


Please do not offer tips to drivers.  Drivers are not allowed to accept tips or gifts.

Shopping Bags

The number of shopping bags/carry-ons is limited to what the passenger can carry on the van in a single trip. Drivers are not permitted to carry your bags.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome on the van.  When you are reserving a trip, please let the RIde Customer Service Agent (CSA) know if you will be traveling with a service animal.


As a courtesy to others, smoking, eating, drinking, and radio playing are not allowed on the van.


No Show Policy

Request for Reasonable Modification Document

RIPTA ADA Customer Conduct Policy

RIde Visitor Policy

Severe Weather Cancellation Policy

Questions, Comments, Complaints?           

How are we doing? We would like to know what you think about our service.  Questions, comments, or complaints may be sent to the address below or you can call the RIde administrative office at 461-8130 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Customer Service
The RIde Program
705 Elmwood Avenue
Providence, RI 02907

If you have a complaint or comment about service, please have the date and time of the event and the van number or driver name when you call.

Eligibility For RIPTA’s Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Paratransit Services Regulations

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