Flex Service

How to Flex

Flex Service brings a public transportation option to areas that have little or no fixed-route service. The name Flex is short for flexible service because it offers passengers the option of picking up the Flex van at a scheduled stop or choosing their own pick-up or drop-off point within the designated Flex Zone. Flex provides local service within its zone as well as connections to RIPTA’s network of statewide service.

To use Flex Service, passengers can either make a reservation 24 hours in advance by calling 401-784-9500 ext. 1220 or boarding the Flex Vehicle at any of the scheduled Flex Stops within the Flex Zone. The fare structure for Flex is the same as RIPTA’s fixed-route bus service.

Flex Service expands the menu of mobility options for state residents, providing them with convenient, affordable transportation within their communities and an opportunity to make seamless connections to other locations in the State.


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