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Facts & Figures

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) is a quasi-public, independent authority. Established in 1966, RIPTA is authorized to operate public transit services throughout the State of Rhode Island.

  • RIPTA has provided 55 years of statewide service (1966-2021)
  • Governed by an 8-member appointed Board of Directors
  • Serves 36 of 39 Rhode Island communities
  • Operates 7 days a week
  • Operates 2794 daily trips on weekdays, 1641 on Saturday, 1123 on Sunday on 59 statewide fixed bus routes
  • Operates ADA Paratransit Service statewide
  • Administers the statewide RIde program for seniors and people with disabilities
  • Operates Flex Service in 10 Rhode Island communities
  • Provides Park n’ Ride Service at 32 sites around the State of Rhode Island
  • Operates 11,111,495 million fixed-route vehicle miles annually
  • Maintains a fleet of 240 fixed-route buses, 94 paratransit vans and 17 Flex vans
  • Utilizes over 2,006,273.83 million gallons of fuel per year
  • Employs 800 people
  • Operates and maintains two facilities in Providence and one in Newport

FY 2020 Ridership:

Fixed-Route Bus 13,026,356

Flex Services 59,399

RIde Senior/ADA/Disabled Program 312,382

Van Pool Service – 62,079

Total – 13,460,216

Year in review 2021

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