How to Ride

Rules of Riding

We want all of our passengers to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Please be sure to observe the following rules when riding RIPTA:

  • Leave front seats open for seniors and passengers with disabilities.
  • Fold strollers, carriages, and shopping carts before boarding and do not block the aisle with personal items.
  • In the interest of passenger comfort and safety, non-folding bicycles may not be brought onto the bus under any circumstance, even if the bike rack is full.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted on the bus.
  • Radios may be used with ear phones only.
  • Standing is only permitted behind the yellow line when there are no seats available.
  • Animals are not permitted except for service animals that are with passengers with disabilities.
  • Weapons, explosives, car batteries, flammable liquids or other hazardous materials are not permitted on RIPTA vehicles.
  • Always use the pedestrian crosswalks, remember to look both ways and do not block the spaces reserved for passengers in wheelchairs.
  • Loitering is not permitted (RIGL 11-36-5) at major transit centers.
  • Make sure you have not left any packages behind you.
  • Board at the front doors of the bus and exit through the rear doors.
  • Do not touch or pick up any abandoned packages or suspicious substances left behind on the bus, a bus shelter or a transit center. Notify the bus operator or RIPTA supervisor immediately.

How to Ride

  • Get the information you need to reach your destination, including bus route(s), departure and arrival times, and fare information by either:
    • Calling RIPTA´s information at line 401-781-9400
    • Picking up a bus at one of RIPTA’s major transit hubs.
    • Using the Trip Planner on the homepage
  • Once you know when your bus will arrive, look for one of our designated bus stops marked with the RIPTA logo. Be sure to be at the stop at least 5 minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Watch for your bus. When the bus approaches, first look at the destination sign (located above the windshield) for a route number and name. If this is your bus, it should have the same number and route name as listed on your schedule. If you are unsure, ask the bus driver if he or she is going to your destination.
  • Have your cash fare or passes and any other required identification ready before you board. Use the handrails to safely board the bus.
  • Pay your fare with Wave or by placing your money in the farebox as you get on the bus. If your bus pass has a photo identification on it, be prepared to show it to the driver.  RIPTA drivers and fareboxes do not make change.
  • Take a seat, relax, and watch for your destination stop. Follow RIPTA rules of riding refraining from smoking, eating, drinking, radio playing, or activities that are offensive to the other passengers.
  • About one block before you want to get off, signal the driver by pulling the overhead cord once to ring the bell and turn on the “Request to Stop” light. When exiting the bus, make sure the bus comes to a complete stop and the doors are fully opened before getting off.

Follow these steps for a safe, comfortable, and easy ride to your destination!

Pointers for Riding RIPTA

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