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Planning Studies

ADA/Paratransit Expansion Study

In 2022, RIPTA studied ADA/Paratransit service to understand what it might look like to expand current paratransit-type service to other areas of the state. About RIde/ADA Paratransit Just as the fixed-route system connects people to jobs, family, education, shopping, recreation, and more, RIPTA’s RIde paratransit service provides those connections for riders whose disabilities prevent them […]

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Mobility-on-Demand Study

The Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority (RIPTA) statewide Transit Master Plan identified Mobility on Demand (MOD) as a potential mobility solution for the state. MOD is the ability to leverage technologies, including real-time data, trip planning, and mobility wallet, to better apprise users of mode choices and improve their transportation experience. RIPTA was particularly interested […]

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RIPTA Program of Projects

In keeping with federal requirements, RIPTA makes available to the public a “program of projects” detailing federal funding amounts available and how these funds are to be invested in transit projects. This “program of projects” is published as part of the State of Rhode Island’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Members of the public and any […]

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State Management Plan

January 2022 RIPTA’s updated State Management Plan is now available. This plan documents policies and procedures for the administration in Rhode Island of four Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant programs: Section 5310, Section 5311, Section 5317, and Section 5339. To learn more about these grant programs and how they are administered in Rhode Island, click […]

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2023 RI Coordinated Public Transit & Human Services Transportation Plan

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requires a coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan developed through a local process that includes participation from private, non-profit, and public transportation providers; social service agencies; and the general public.

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One-Call/One-Click Planning Study

RIPTA recently launched a planning process to consider developing a One-Call/One-Click transportation resource for Rhode Island. This resource would provide a single point of contact for customized trip planning information by phone or through a website, particularly for older adults, people with disabilities, and low-income individuals.  A One-Call/One-Click transportation resource was one of the main […]

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