Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

DBE Policy Statement 2013

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) is in the process of issuing RIPTA's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals for FFY 2014 (calendar year 2013/2014) which begins October 1, 2013 in accordance with federal regulations 49 CFR Part 26.45.

RIPTA is seeking information, concerns and ideas from area minority, women’s and general contractor groups, community organizations, and community leaders in the Rhode Island area regarding the availability of disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged business, the effects of discrimination on opportunities for DBE’s including complaints, comments, and other information about any barriers to lending, bonding, insurance, etc. The data being collected by RIPTA is for informational purposes only and will help RIPTA in establishing a level playing field for the participation of DBE’s.

RIPTA encourages your input regarding this topic in order to enhance our Disadvantaged Business Program and achieve our annual goals. Please forward your responses in writing via email @ jvincent@ripta.com or by mail to:

Mr. Jim Vincent
DBE Liaison Officer
Rhode Island Public Transit Authority
705 Elmwood Ave.
Providence, RI 02907