RIPTA takes every precaution to provide safe transit operations every day.
We're constantly upgrading and evaluating all of our security measures to ensure the safety of our employees and passengers. From increased patrols and surveillance cameras to other behind the scene measures, RIPTA takes safety very seriously. We've even developed several programs to help keep everyone who uses RIPTA as secure as possible while still providing fast, efficient service.

Transit Watch – RIPTA's Safety and Security Awareness Program

Working in conjunction with federal counter-terrorist intelligence organizations, RIPTA is creating a safe environment for its passengers.

Helping You Spot a Potential Threat
RIPTA is prepared to respond in the event of a crisis and has a plan in place to ensure the continued safety of our riders. Together we can work to actively make our transit system safer by keeping a watchful eye on our surroundings. Remember, if you see something, say something.

Be Alert
When we all make a commitment to be alert when riding transit, the result is a first-rate line of defense against a natural or man-made disaster. Look for the following:

External Appearance
• A person or persons wearing clothes unsuitable for the time of year
• Anything protruding in an unusual manner underneath a person's clothing
• A person clearly trying to blend with the surrounding population, by dress and/or behavior, even though he or she appears out of place

Suspicious Behavior
• Nervousness, tension and excessive sweating
• Individuals in the act of abandoning a package and hastily departing the area
• Walking slowly while surveying the area or running in a suspicious manner
• Taking photos of transit operations and equipment

Suspicious Items and Packages
• Electrical wires, switches or electronic devices sticking out of a bag or clothing
• Unattended bags, packages, boxes, backpacks
• Unexplained smoke, mist, gas, vapor, odor or leaking fluid
• Sprayer bottles or aerosol canisters

Staying Safe on Buses
• Always follow the operator's instructions quickly and calmly. Emergency exit procedures are listed on all windows, ceiling escape hatches and doors.
• If you see someone involved in a dangerous activity on an RIPTA vehicle, keep your distance and contact the RIPTA bus operator immediately.

General Safety Tips
• If you see someone leave a package, politely bring it to their attention.
• Create a plan in advance for maintaining contact with family members or friends by creating an emergency quick reference card with key phone numbers.
• Avoid using cellular phones, radios, or anything that emits an electronic signal within 300 feet of materials or devices that look explosive.
• If you are involved in a threatening situation, when authorities arrive remain calm and answer any questions.

If you see something, say something!