Providence Core Connector (2012)

In December 2009, RIPTA and the City of Providence completed the Metropolitan Providence Transit Enhancement Study, setting forth ten recommendations for improving the network of transit services within the metropolitan area and providing the opportunity to realize a range of mobility, livability, development and health benefits. RIPTA and the City have partnered again to evaluate one of these proposals in more detail, initiating the Providence Core Connector Study to study the feasibility, cost and benefits of constructing an “urban circulator” (i.e. streetcar or enhanced bus service) to connect key locations within a two-mile corridor between Rhode Island Hospital, Downtown, and College Hill.

The intent of the Providence Core Connector Study is to conduct more detailed planning and environmental analyses for a potential urban circulator project to connect the state’s most significant educational, medical, employment and cultural destinations. Additionally, the Study produces the documentation that would be required if RIPTA and the City decide to pursue future federal funding to support the design and construction costs of an urban circulator project. These federally-required documents include an Alternatives Analysis (AA) and Environmental Assessment (EA).