Bus Stop Realignment

Bus stop realignment is an ongoing process at RIPTA.

In an effort to preserve the level of service that our riders are accustomed to, RIPTA works to adjust bus stop distances to meet our Service Guidelines, which include trying to provide maximum convenience for customers without slowing routes down with stops placed too closely together.

The guidelines reflect the industry standard of approximately 900 feet (about a two to three minute walk) between stops. The distance slightly increases or decreases dependent upon the route type and community density.

These changes are designed to minimize impact on the riders while increasing efficiencies.

The distance between stops is of key concern to RIPTA. More closely spaced stops provide customers with more convenient access as they are likely to experience a shorter walk to the nearest bus stop. However, transit stops are also the major reason that transit service is slower than automobile trips, since each additional stop with activity requires the bus to decelerate, come a complete stop, load and unload riders, and then accelerate and merge back into traffic. Since most riders want service that balances convenience and speed, the number and location of stops is a key component of determining that balance.

Exceptions to these guidelines can be made in locations where walking conditions are particularly dangerous, significant topographical challenges impede pedestrian access, and where other factors compromise safe bus operations.

If existing stops are to be moved or relocated they are typically marked with special notices about one week before any change is made.

For questions or concerns about bus stops, please contact our Customer Service Department at 781-9400.