CCRI Warwick Bus Stop Enhancement Project

RIPTA CCRI-Warwick Bus Stop Design and Development Proposal

One of the initiatives outlined in the Rhode Island Transit Master Plan focuses on improving connections throughout Rhode Island through a network of mobility hubs.  These mobility hubs, or transit centers, will be the first point of entry into the regional public transportation network for many travelers, and connecting points for others. These new transit centers will provide an enjoyable user experience and build a strong relationship between the community and transportation providers.

RIPTA is partnering with the Community College of Rhode Island to establish enhance bus stops on its flagship Knight Campus located in Warwick, RI. Bus stops at the CCRI Warwick Transit Center have been constructed within the existing busway and curb area used by RIPTA today. Featured improvements include four bus stops, each sized to fit 40-foot buses. Each bus stop shall have a well-proportioned shelter and will have such amenities as:

  • A trash can
  • Real-time information screens
  • Space for seating and ADA mobility devices
  • Lighting
  • Each shelter will utilize solar panels to generate low voltage electricity to power the amenities

This project will also include at least one security camera, accessible by both RIPTA and CCRI Security, that will cover the entire extent of the transit facilities. Safe, yet distinctive fencing will be installed, separating the active busway from the CCRI parking lot. Each bus stop will have bus stop signage based upon the final designs determined by RIPTA’s ongoing “Bus Stop Signage Redesign” project. The area will have all appropriate safety signage including those associated with crosswalk access [i.e., flashing lights].

RIPTA was awarded a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Bus and Bus Facilities grant to help finance the $1.6M project. The project was put on hold due to the outbreak of COVID-19.