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September 2015

Four fare options are now available for public review. These options propose changes to the rates charged for some services and products, and also introduce new products intended to make the purchase of passes and tickets easier, and in some cases, more economical for passengers. Some of these options are also intended to expedite boarding times.

Although four options are being presented for public review, RIPTA is open to suggestions from the public and will continue to process the data and all feedback. As a result, the recommendation that will come from this study will most likely be a combination of elements from the four options.

Once RIPTA staff reviews all public comments and feedback, it will prepare a final recommendation to present to the authority’s Board of Directors. If the Board decides to pursue any fare changes, formal public hearings will be held and will be advertised in advance. It is only after the formal hearings that the Board would make a final decision. RIPTA will receive comments on these options through October 5, 2015. Comments are now closed. Thank you.

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Latest update:  July 2015 

RIPTA begins its second round of community meetings to listen to what the public has to say about potential new fare products and possible rate changes. The first set of community meetings were held in Providence during April 2015, shortly after the fare study started.  The current community meetings will be held at four different locations around the state and will include informal “office hours” at the Kennedy Plaza transit hub in downtown Providence to make it easier for people to stop by.


In March 2015, RIPTA launched a comprehensive fare study to review all fare products offered to customers as well as the rates that are charged. RIPTA hired LTK Engineering Services of Ambler, Pennsylvania to help conduct the necessary research since this is the first in-depth review of RIPTA’s rate structure and fare products in recent history. The research includes data analysis, comparisons with peer transit agencies and surveying RIPTA passengers and drivers.  RIPTA and its consultants will be delving into the details of the current fare structure and also looking at the types of passes and tickets offered to passengers to see if they meet riders’ needs.  RIPTA currently charges a flat rate of $2.00 per trip and .50 for transfers.  This statewide rate has been in effect for five years.


The purpose of RIPTA’s Fare Study is to perform a comprehensive analysis of RIPTA’s fare structure and types of fare products (e.g., tickets, passes)in order to determine if changes should be made, not only to the rate structure, but in developing products that make RIPTA easier to use.  The goal is also to incorporate new technology and fare collection methods to make it easier for passengers to purchase and use their tickets and passes. In particular, RIPTA is looking to use technology wherever possible to enhance the customer experience.  Enabling people to purchase tickets or passes before they board the bus will expedite boardings and reduce wait times at bus stops and transit hubs.  In addition, the fare study will examine the current “one state, one rate” rate to determine if it makes financial sense for RIPTA to charge one flat rate to travel anywhere in the state.