HUD Community Planning Challenge Grant – Transportation Corridors to Livable Communities (2014)

In 2011, the City of Providence was awarded a HUD Community Planning Challenge Grant that identified RIPTA as a partner.  This $1.75mil grant was given to the city to help it and RIPTA reach three primary goals:

  1. Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of transit service
    1. Reduce vehicle miles traveled
    2. Reduce household transportation costs
    3. Increase transit ridership
  2. Create vibrant neighborhood-based community hubs at key nodes
    1. Spur infill development
    2. Recycle vacant and underutilized land
    3. Stimulate private investment and institutional investment
  3. New Providence Zoning Ordinance
    1. Increase participation in the planning process
    2. Broaden land use discussion to include traditionally marginalized groups

At RIPTA, this grant is being utilized to facilitate improvements on 3 high ridership routes in Providence (Routes 20, 27, & 56) and the development of RIPTA’s first Rapid Bus Route, where Routes 11 & 99 currently exist.  This grant is being used as a means to review, update, and address RIPTA’s bus stop standards, service standards, and on-street presence within the state of Rhode Island.

For more information, please contact Greg Nordin, Transit Planner at RIPTA at or 784-9500 x237.