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Need a ride to school?

In addition to special school trips, RIPTA runs regular fixed-route service to Providence Schools high schools. Ride your local RIPTA route Inbound to Kennedy Plaza and then transfer to the route that goes to your school. Use the Trip Planner on RIPTA.com to plan your trip from home to Kennedy Plaza or call RIPTA Customer Service at 401-784-9500 x2012 for assistance.

We’ve created flyers and instructional videos to help you navigate our bus service. Click on your school below for more information.  

Download Transit app to track your trip in real-time! While our goal is to never miss a trip, sometimes we must cancel a trip due to a mechanical issue or unforeseen driver availability. When that happens, you can check Transit App to see if a trip has been cancelled and plan alternate ways to get to school. You’ll know a trip has been cancelled when the departure time has a real-time symbol but it’s turned grey and is crossed out. Click here to see what a cancelled trip looks like in the Transit app.

Students without Wave smart cards will be able to board a bus through September 30, 2023. Please connect with your school to receive your Wave smart card.






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