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February 29, 2016

Press Releases

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) is reminding passengers that some fare changes will take effect Tuesday, March 1, 2016, and that there will also be modifications to some of the types of passes and tickets offered for sale.

The base cash fare of a one-way trip will remain the same at $2.00. Transfers purchased onboard buses will increase from 50-cents to $1.00 and will be good for two hours of unlimited travel on the system. The price of Monthly Passes and 7-Day Passes will also increase (please see attached chart).  RIPTIKs and 15 Ride Passes will no longer be produced. Passengers who have already purchased these products will be able to  continue to use them for the foreseeable future.

These changes were unanimously approved by RIPTA’s Board of Directors in December 2015 and were preceded by a comprehensive fare study and public hearings held across the state last fall.

“While revenues for passenger fares comprise only a portion of our budget, it is important that RIPTA periodically review its rate structure to make sure that pricing is keeping pace with expenses,” said Raymond Studley, RIPTA’s CEO.“The last time RIPTA increased its fares was in 2010, and we’re happy that six years later we are able to keep the base fare the same.”

Studley said that the fare study also enabled RIPTA to look at the types of tickets and passes that the Authority offers in order to better align them with customers’ needs.  Looking ahead, he said, RIPTA will plan for upgrades to its fareboxes so even more options, such as reloadable cards that passengers can add cash value to, may be offered in the future.

The new 10 Ride Pass will cost $20, is good for ten single rides and each trip includes a transfer.  The new pass, as well as all RIPTA fare products, can be purchased at Shaw’s supermarkets in Rhode Island, the Kennedy Plaza Ticket Window, RIPTA.com, and onboard RIPTA fixed-route vehicles. Stop & Shop Supermarkets in Rhode Island will have the new products in mid-April.

The RIde Program, RIPTA’s paratransit service provided in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), is also introducing its own fare product.  The new RIde Fare Ticket will cost $4.00 and is valid for one trip on the RIde program only. The RIde Fare Ticket will be available at Shaw’s, Stop & Shop (beginning in mid-April), the Kennedy Plaza Ticket Window, RIPTA.com and the student bookstores at Rhode Island College and the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI).

RIPTA will continue to work with potential vendors to increase availability of all our products.

Changes to the Bus Pass Program for Seniors and People with Disabilities will not take effect until July 1, 2016. RIPTA will provide an update on these changes later this spring.


7-Day Pass$23$25
Monthly Pass$62$70
RIde Program Ticket—-$4

For more information on RIPTA services, visit RIPTA.com or call 401-781-9400.

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