RIPTA Officially Announces It Will Not Move Forward with Service Reductions

June 6, 2024

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Routes will remain the same; RIPTA asks for passenger patience as the agency works to build its workforce and reduce missed trips

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) officially announced today that it will not move forward with previously proposed service reductions, which were scheduled to go into effect on Saturday, June 15, 2024, as part of the Authority’s seasonal service adjustments.

Christopher Durand, interim Chief Executive Officer, asked RIPTA’s Board of Directors to not act on the proposed service reductions at the April Board meeting stating that the Agency was aggressively working to recruit new drivers.

“Our priority is always to provide reliable and accessible transit services for our passengers,” said Christopher Durand, Interim Chief Executive Officer. “While we face challenges with the current driver shortage, we recognize the critical role that public transit plays in the lives of our community. By officially cancelling these service reductions and focusing on hiring new drivers, we aim to maintain our commitment to our passengers.  We are dedicated to building a robust workforce to ensure that our transit services meet the needs of everyone who relies on RIPTA every day.”

The proposed service reductions were meant to recalibrate RIPTA schedules with the level of service it can consistently run, so that service is accurate and reliable for passengers. With the cancellation of service reductions, passengers may see an increase in cancelled trips as RIPTA continues to onboard new drivers.

“We ask for patience and understanding from our passengers as they will see an increase in missed trips as a result of us not moving forward with these service reductions,” Durand said.

The Authority will use Transit app and Google Maps to notify passengers in case of cancelled trips related to its driver shortage, aiming to improve service reliability for all riders. While RIPTA’s goal is to never miss a trip, sometimes the Authority must cancel a trip due to driver availability. When that happens, passengers can check Transit App to see if a trip has been cancelled and plan accordingly. Riders will know a trip has been cancelled when the departure time has a real-time symbol but is turned grey and is crossed out. Click here to see what a cancelled trip looks like in the Transit app.

Durand added, “We greatly appreciate the State’s commitment to public transit and are grateful for the financial support in the budget to address RIPTA’s operational financial deficit. Alongside this essential support, the legislation introduced on Friday contains the efficiency study recommended by the Governor, which will help RIPTA identify ways to address future budget deficits.”

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