RIPTA’s Service Changes to Take Effect Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 8, 2012

Press Releases

Winter Service Changes Flyer

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) will implement service changes effective Saturday, March 31, 2012.   RIPTA makes regular service adjustments in response to seasonal changes, passenger use and other contingencies.

These service changes are major and include rescheduled trip times to improve on-time performance.   In addition, trip frequency has decreased on Route 52 Branch/Bryant University after 5:30pm and on Route 55 Admiral/Providence College has after 7:30pm.

Passengers are strongly encouraged to check new schedules for how service changes may affect them.  They may also pick up the leaflet entitled Service Changes Effective March 31, 2012 that is available at Kennedy Plaza.

The following routes will be affected by the Saturday, March 31, 2012 service changes:

6 Prairie/R.W. Zoo

11 Broad Street/99 Pawtucket

13 Arctic/Washington

14 West Bay

26 Atwells/RI College

28 Broadway/Hartford

30 Arlington/Oaklawn

40 Butler/Elmgrove

50 Douglas Ave.

52 Branch/Bryant University

54 Lincoln/Woonsocket

55 Admiral/Providence College

66 URI/Galilee

71 Broad Street (Pawtucket)

76 Central Ave.

For schedules and more information, passengers may call 401-781-9400.

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