March 11, 2015

Press Releases

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) will implement spring service changes effective Saturday, March 21, 2015.   RIPTA makes regular service adjustments three times a year in response to seasonal changes and/or passenger use.  

2015 Spring Service Changes

These annual changes are moderate and include trip time changes, route consolidations, route enhancements, as well as rescheduling for better on-time performance.  For many routes, only a slight schedule adjustment has been made.   Some other service changes include trip reductions due to low or no ridership, or an increase in the frequency of stops along a particular route in response to heavy ridership.

Route 71 has been restructured to continue through the city of Pawtucket via Pawtucket Avenue.  This change now makes it possible for passengers along Pawtucket Avenue  to connect with the R-Line at Ninth St. Station on North Main Street using Route 71 (Broad Street).  As part of this restructuring, Route 98 (Pawtucket Ave) has been discontinued. Passengers should consult the new Route 71 (Broad St./ Pawtucket Ave.) schedule.

Weekday and Saturday service frequency will increase from 60 minutes to every 50 minutes on Route 78 (Beverage Hill/Newport Avenue/ East Providence).

Other service changes include the realignment of Routes 51 (Charles St./Twin River/CCRI, Route 54 (Lincoln/Woonsocket), and Route 73 (Mineral Spring/Twin River/CCRI).  These routes will use Rte. 246 and service Twin River at the South Entrance from Rte. 246. Also, the 4:35 p.m. inbound trip on Route 75 (Dexter/Lincoln Mall) will now service the Bank of America on George Washington Highway in Lincoln.

Passengers are strongly encouraged to check new schedules for how service changes may affect them.  They may also pick up the leaflet entitled Spring Service Changes Effective March 21, 2015 that will be available at Kennedy Plaza; the leaflet is also viewable online.For schedules and more information, passengers may call 401-781-9400, or visit .

The following routes will be affected by the spring service changes:

9 Pascoag

R-Line Broad/North Main

13 Arctic/Coventry/Warwick Mall

14 Wickford/Narragansett/Newport

35 Rumford/Newport Ave.

51 Charles St./Twin River/CCRI

54 Lincoln/Woonsocket

71 Broad Street (Pawtucket)

73 Mineral Spring/Twin River/CCRI

75 Dexter/Lincoln Mall

76 Central Avenue

78 Beverage Hill/East Providence

80 Armistice Blvd.

98 Pawtucket Ave.

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