Initiative 1

Improve Existing Services

A major shortcoming of existing services is that they operate infrequently and for short hours. A major focal point of the plan is to provide more frequent service for longer hours, including the development of a Frequent Transit Network to provide frequent services to the state’s major destinations, faster and more frequent pProvidence Line service, and more.

Initiative 2

Expand Services to New Areas

To bring service to more people, service would also be expanded to new areas. These improvements will include new local services, new crosstown routes, new service partnerships, and Amtrak station at TF Green Airport, and new Flex service to, from, and within the Quonset Industrial Park

Initiative 3

Develop High Capacity Transit

The development of High Capacity Transit Services – Rapid Bus, Bus Rapid Transit, and Light Rail – would make transit in high-demand areas much more attractive by making it frequent, fast, and reliable.

Initiative 4

Improve Access to Transit

A positive transit experience includes getting to and from transit stops. Transit Forward RI will provide more and better options to get to and from transit comfortably and safely.

Initiative 5

Make Service Easier to Use

RIPTA and RIDOT will adopt new technologies and methods to make service easier to use, including easier fare payment and better integration of available services.

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